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Job Number: 0518001
Industry IT
(Network services and data centers to system integration, mobile, and voice services)
Position Computer Professional/IT
(System Engineer)
Office & Job Location OfficeLocation : Torrance, CA
JobLocation : Burlingame, CA
Employment Term Permanent Full-time
Visa Sponsor No
Salary $65K ~ $75K
Job Description - Make a selection of any hardware, pricing check and create Quote
- Install new / rebuild Server/PC/OA Equipment and configure HW, peripherals,services, settings, directories, storage etc.
- Investigate and troubleshoot issues for Server/PC/OA Equipment
- Visit customers and repair and recover from HW or SW failures.
- Coordinate and communicate with our customers and venders.
- Documentation (Create Customer Profile, Diagram, Operational Information,Knowledge Base, Trouble History, etc.)
- Various network support activities consist 10% of the duties
Qualification - Japanese speaker (reading and writing) preferred
- Work experience as LAN Administrator. (Systems Administrator/System Engineer certification in Microsoft.)
- At least 3 years of computer/Server network related work experience
- At least 3 years of working TCP/IP field
- Communication skills with customers, vender/carrier and company staff.
- Driver’s license and own a car 
Others Regular hours: 9:00-17:00, Mon- Fri
Benefit: Insurance, 401K, PTO 
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